Blues Artist of the Year for 2015 is “Mr. Entertainer” BluesMan McKinney Williams

Blues Artist of the Year 2015

The Mississippi BBQ Trail is pleased to announce “Mr. Entertainer” BluesMan McKinney Williams has been named 2015 Blues Artist of the Year!

Please take time to enjoy our new web page in honor of BluesMan McKinney Williams at:

McKinney Williams was born in Lexington, Mississippi, a small community in Holmes County, in the hills along the edge of the Delta.  His father, Mr. T.L. Williams, Sr. was a farmer, musician and singer.  The family raised a variety of crops on the family land north of Lexington.

There was always music in the Williams home.  His father, T.L. Williams recorded a successul album with The Williams Sisters and consistently played and performed in churches and for revivals throughout Mississippi and The South.  His brothers and sisters all took part in family musical groups as they were growing up, learning to sing and play instruments.  From a young age, McKinney took up the rhythm guitar and at age 12 his mother, Mrs.Christeen Dixon Williams presented him with a new 6 string guitar and for his brother a matching 4 string bass guitar.  It wasn’t long before McKinney, his oldest brother T.L. Jr. and David Lee “Heavy D” Williams, a drummer and just one year younger, were sneaking out of the house to play the blues at the local juke joint in Acona, a place called “The Village.”

McKinney grew into a man a became a professional truck driver, spending 37 years behind the wheel while raising a house-full of stair-step children of his own.  He followed in his father’s footsteps, forming a singing group that he named “Pop and them Chillin.”  Now that his children are grown and have their own lives, McKinney has put down the steering wheel and picked up his guitar again to sing the blues and entertain audiences everywhere with his Front Porch Blues style of singing and authentic Delta Blues guitar work.

We look forward to bringing you more of his story in future editions of our blog.  Also, look forward to the series of articles “The Life and Times of BluesMan McKinney Williams” coming in Spring 2016 in the Mississippi BBQ Trail Guide.

Be sure to ask for the 2015 Blues Artist of the Year at your local entertainment establishments and BBQ Joints and tell them about “Mr. Entertainer” BluesMan McKinney Williams.


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