Scenic Hwy 7

Scenic Hwy 7 is one of those country roads that has many stories to tell.  This trip through the hill country of Mississippi is one of the best for a lot of reasons, the best one being finding great BBQ Joints.


Scenic Hwy 7

The road for me on a Monday begins in Grenada at 8 a.m. sitting on the square in downtown.  The lighted gazebo and gardens are the stage for events in Grenada all year long, including our favorite, Grenada Afterglow Film Festival coming up each year in October.

Take a minute and enjoy the ambiance and architecture of the square and see how this town center is being revitalized and energized with apartments for downtown living, a first class event center at First & Green, and home gallery of resident artist Robin Whitfield.

If you want small town charm and want to trade big city noise for small town problems, then your brain is on the right track thinking Grenada, Mississippi.




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